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A light in the dark

Our plans to illuminate the church at night are progressing well with North Somerset Council’s approval for the installation of three floodlights.

The lights will highlight St Paul’s as a historic landmark and emphasise its position in the community as an important centre of worship. The installation of the lights is due to take place in July.


Electoral Roll

Any changes? We are updating the church electoral roll ahead of the annual Parochial Church meeting . Any amendments to addresses or telephone numbers to electoral roll officer Mike Jenkins, please, by email, mhjenkins@aol.com. or via the church wardens.

For those wishing to join the church family of members, and become eligible to vote on matters involving the running of the church, please contact above for an electoral roll form.

Church services suspended–––––––

All church services and related activities are suspended until further notice as a result of the coronavirus emergency. The church doors will remain closed during the week.

Cakes galore: church members provided cakes and other refreshments at the annual summer Village Fete.

Tell me a story: books on sale at the Village Fete.

Crowds brave the rain for Christmas Crafts Fair fun

How does your garden grow? Brisk business at the plant stall at the Village Fete .

For much of the morning the rain poured down but the appeal of the church Christmas Crafts Fair stood firm and almost record crowds descended on Kewstoke Village Hall to join in the hustle and bustle of a pre-festive day of enjoyment.

Delighted buyers left with armfuls of gifts for Christmas and stallholders voted the day a major success.

Refreshment bar helpers were kept busy throughout, serving delicious cakes, coffee, tea and other soft drinks.

As our pictures show, there were smiles all round. And to top the occasion, St Paul’s funds benefited by almost £1000.